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We sell topsoil in bulk for your best price
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Our topsoil is screened, clean sandy base as opposed to
clay base.  We sell topsoil by the bushel or cubic

We sell Black Michigan Peat in bulk.  This is a lighter
weight planting material, more black in color, suitable
for topdressing flower beds or mixing with other soils to
enhance the look and moisture retention ability.


We have a Full Service Nursery carrying a large selection
of dwarf shrubs and trees, animals, perennials, roses, shade
trees, hanging baskets and more.

We always have a large selection of Japanese maples in stock.

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Power Equipment

We proudly sell Snapper and Toro brand lawnmower.Selling and servicing since the 1970’s.

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Mulch has grown in popularity over the last several years
as an inexpensive way to enhance or complete your landscape

Mulch makes everything look better!

We sell the following types of mulch:

Enviro mulch
Dark Red
-Dark Brown
-Recycled lumber that is dyed to color.
This mulch lasts longer and holds its color well up to two
Because it lasts longer you will use less to topdress your

Tripleshred (Bark Fines)
Organic shredded and slightly decomposed natural bark mulch.

This mulch is the bark of the wood ground up very fine.

It has a natural medium brown to slightly dark color.

It decomposes naturally into your existing soil.

Bagged Mulches
Spaghnum Peat (Canadian Peat)
Real peat moss with a rich brown color.

This will improve sandy soils and add acidity to you Evergreen.
This moss also holds moisture.

New Real Cedar Mulch
from Northern Michigan!

Real cedar, gold color, soft texture ,naturally
resists insects.

New Black Enviro Mulch!
Real dark black color makes the colors of your shrubs,
flowers or perennials really pop!

New Aluminum Edging
Great for contractors or homeowners.
Easy to install, never rusts cracks for a clean
professional look to your landscape beds.